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To all Members, Adherents and Visitors to Glen Morris United Church: 

I am writing this letter to let you know the Official Board of our church held a virtual e-meeting yesterday to review a response to the increasing COVID19 pandemic. 

It was unanimously agreed that in light of guidance from the United Church of Canada and the Provincial & Federal Governments, that Glen Morris United Church will suspend all gatherings for public worship; Official Board and committee meetings; all community events on church property; and all social events until April 4, at the earliest. Virtual e-meetings, online worship experiences, phone contacts for pastoral care, other forms of internet ministry and community Outreach will be alternative means of contact and support under these circumstances. 

In keeping with the United Church of Canada directives, an "Emergency Preparedness Committee” has been formed to deal promptly with emergent issues relating to the COVID19 situation. Members of this committee are: The Rev. Nora Feuten, Michiko Bown-Kai, Deb Aitkin, John Graham, Lynn McRuer, Karen Murray-Hopf, Murray Pearson, Robert Williams. 

As a retired medical doctor, it is my opinion that social distancing offers a vital role in decreasing the spread of Coronavirus in the community. It follows that avoiding gatherings of not just 50 people, but smaller groups of people decreases the risk for "catching" this terrible disease. It is therefore prudent that the Official Board decided to suspend church gatherings to preserve the health not only of our own members, but also for the benefit of the wider community. Be assured, the Official Board will keep you informed of any new developments as they occur. 

Yours in Faith

Dr. Robert Williams

Chair, Official Board.