Karen Murray-Hopf
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As we look forward to celebrating 170 years of Glen Morris United Church on Sunday, September 29th, we recognize the work and commitment of many generations who laid the framework and now continue to keep this faith family such a loving and vital part of this community. To show our appreciation, we have created a simple fall fundraiser called 'The Grateful Gifts Tree'. The tree is full of leaves with denominations ranging from .17, $1.70, $17.00 all the way up to $1,700.00!  With many low amounts, this is a great way for kids to participate! From September 15th to October 20th, simply pick a leaf (or leaves) with a dollar value that is suitable to you, remove it and place it and your matching donation in the adjacent envelopes (with your name or envelope #) and add to the collection plate or give to John Graham. Thankyou for your Grateful Gifts!

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