Karen Murray-Hopf
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Our local Worship Cluster has invited all churches to encourage members to participate in trying a new ministry called “Guess Who is Coming to Worship”. Interested members of our congregation (3 or more would be nice) would visit another United Church locally together, but would not know what church they are attending until that Sunday morning. Contact information for our members, interested in joining this group, would be given to the Worship Cluster . The first Sunday to try this is June 9, and the day before or at 8am that morning, the members would be contacted by the Worship Cluster to attend at a designated church as ‘Flash Mob Visitors’. Those who attend on behalf of Glen Morris are encouraged to report their experience back to Glen Morris Faith Formation Committee. If you are interested in trying this out on behalf of Glen Morris United Church, go on your own or get a few people together and contact Gary Clark at [email protected]

Can't make it this time? Let Gary know you are interested for their next flash mob!