Karen Murray-Hopf
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What is a Christmas Putz?! A Putz is an old Eastern European tradition, a tradition of sharing our Christmas Story. Related to the old medieval mystery plays, the putz may have originated to help children better  appreciate the story. The word "putz" is from the German "putzen" for "to decorate”, especially to adorn a church. First, all would gather in the town square, during the month leading up to Christmas. Then each family of the village would secretly draw nativity character identities (including the chickens!). Over the advent season, each family would decide how their character would be formed; what material ~ wood, paper, cloth, papier mache; how big ~ knee high or full size; and how should it be decorated ~ plain to ornate. On Christmas Eve, all the families of the village would gather in the town square. Each family would place their character in the town square scene, as the character was mentioned in the nativity story. It would often be a surprise to see the varying scale and type of character presented. Once complete, this communal art glowed with the love it was created from. What's a Putz at Glen Morris? We’re going to put our own modern twist on this ancient tradition. Families, individuals, and groups of friends, are encouraged to sign up to create a character in the nativity. Signup sheets will be available in the Robson Community Room, or alternatively, contact Karen Murray-Hopf at [email protected] We will draw the character for each family on Sunday, November 24. Then in great secrecy, you will have several weeks to construct your vision. We will all offer our nativity creations at our 7pm Christmas Eve worship. The service will be filled with carols and special music, the Christmas Story, and our GMUC family of faith’s spirit-filled nativity! The above image is courtesy of Trillium United Church, Cambridge (Ann Cochrane)