Messy Church

What is Messy Church?

Messy Church was started in England by Lucy Moore at her church in Cowplain near Portsmouth in 2004 as a way of being ‘church’ for families, especially for those not part of a church.  The first Messy Church in Canada was launched in April 2007 at St. George’s Georgetown ON and quickly followed by others across the country. Glen Morris United has had Messy Church since 2013. Messy Churches are found across Canada in a wide range of denominations in urban and rural communities, all focused on building a loving and caring community that is welcoming and great fun!

Messy Church:

  • is a way of being church for families involving fun
  • is found across the world
  • is ecumenical

Messy Church Values:

  • being Christ-centred
  • for all ages
  • creativity
  • hospitality
  • celebration

Glen Morris Messy Church gathers once a month on the third or fourth weekend around  6:30pm, but  hold occasional afternoon gatherings depending on the activity.  Activities have included tobogganing, making and decorating cookies, local hikes, hearing stories of local youths travels, a movie night, a BBQ , a swim party and a traditional moon ceremony. 

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