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As Ash Wednesday speeds towards us, I am becoming excited for our Lenten Devotional. Planning and running programming is an important goal for the academic side of my placement, and I would appreciate you joining me. The Lenten season is a time for us to seek the many ways God exists in the world around us, and so as I prepare spiritually, I thought I would share a prayer that resonated with me from the devotional. 

Here is part of a prayer called: A blessing for seekers

Blessed are you who turn your face up to the sky, who open your arms to feel the wind, who notice all the things that we should notice.

Blessed are you who are fluent in wonder and familiar with awe. 

Blessed are you who, even now, dream dreams, who have not lost hope, who swear the glass is still half-full. 


Amen to such beautiful words interweaving nature and experiencing the divine!

Hope truly is the cornerstone of faith. Even though the world around us may call us foolish to hope, it takes strength to hope, and I find focusing on prayer in lent can be a wellspring for that strength.

We begin right on Ash Wednesday.

If you are interested, please reach out to me at:


Looking forward to connecting,





 I want to invite you on a spiritual journey through a lenten devotional called “Seeking: Honest Questions for Deeper Faith”from February 22 to April 9. It is a series of prayers, reflections, prompts and poetry for the Lenten season. My hope is that this journey will be filled with reflection, and fill your spirits even during the moments where it is not easy to see God.

I know many of us are overwhelmed by emails that we might not be reading anymore. I wish to do this in a private chat space such as Facebook Messenger. This allows us to answer the prompts on our own time but also interact with one another.

If you are interested, feel free to email me at

If you’re NOT interested? Email me anyways, I would love to simply connect and talk.

Until then, I look forward to connecting with you in different ways such as in worship and through pastoral care.

Blessings to you all and may the Spirit be with you.


Yours in Christ,

Jayden Escalante-Jones