Karen Murray-Hopf
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Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with our minister Meghan Gilholm who is currently on medical leave until June. We miss her dearly and send all our well wishes.

Meghan sends this message to all - 

“I want to share my deepest, most heart felt gratitude for my Glen Morris family. 

As an empath and spiritual person I can genuinely FEEL your prayers, your good healing vibes, your love, concern and overall care. 

Because I’m me, it can be far too easy to go to that place of guilt and shame....having to go on medical leave so soon after a one year maternity leave. 

However every time those thoughts try to dance their way into my day, they are met with barriers of deep love....and the voices of all of you, assuring me that you just want me to get better. It makes a big difference!! 

The consistent care packages and cards over the last 3 weeks have meant the world and  been a saving grace. 

Not only do they lessen the load, but both Steve and I feel an overwhelming warm fuzzy feeling and know that we are held so tenderly in light and love. 

I miss you all quite desperately but I know we will be together again as soon as we can. 

I hope you know..
The body of Christ in our Glen Morris church and community, and this sacred land is no small thing. I have never, ever witnessed and ministered with a congregation like this. 

Don’t ever forget your wonder, and if you ever doubt how special and unique you are individually and together....I’ll remind you every single time. 

I’ve been reflecting all week on my camp days and how it all collectively led me to ministry. Led me...
To you. 

Be well and know you’ve on my heart."


During this time, Rev. Sarah Grady has agreed to providing emergency pastoral care. Her contact information is: 519-209-1558 or revsarahgrady@gmail.com