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Our treasurer John Graham has provided our current financial status, with respect to the pandemic, as we move forward into 2021:

"Glen Morris United Church was closed for much of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with services having to take place virtually. Without in-person attendance and regular Sunday offerings, the various church committees had to become creative in their fundraising activities. This included the Church Committee of Stewards finding new ways for members to provide financial contributions. Automatic E-Transfers and Canada Helps donation methods were established as well as ongoing mail-in and Pre-Authorized Remittance. The Federal Government wage subsidy and CEBA program were also very helpful in the church meeting its financial obligations. With the church closed, the 2020 operating expenses were lower than normal and more than covered by the various donation methods. The Church Operating Account ended the year with a 5% surplus.

Phase 3 renovation fundraising continued in 2020 for an addition to the church of a fully accessible side entrance and a welcoming Heritage Room. Donations for the Phase 3 addition in 2020 were $38,000 including a $16,100 grant received from the County of Brant. Engineering was completed, building permit received and Hoskin Construction Inc. was selected as the contractor. Preparatory site work was done in the fall and construction has started in January with the pouring of the foundations.

A United Church sponsored energy reduction project was initiated in 2020 to reduce the carbon footprint of the church going forward. This was possible due to a $30,000 energy retrofit grant from the United Church of Canada Faithfull Footprints program along with donations from church members.This project includes replacing the church oil heating system with heat pumps and propane back-up furnaces, additional attic insulation, a new lighting system for the sanctuary and other energy saving upgrades.

Thank you to all church members and the local community for continuing to support the church in this unusual time. Hopefully 2021 will see the end of the pandemic and the church will be able to re-open for services and events and we will be able to celebrate completion of the renovation work."