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At the Official Board meeting on May 26, the following proposals regarding renovation and upgrading the church manse were unanimously approved:

  •  The laundry room will undergo exterior insulation and siding with a budget of $5500.
  • The heating and hot water systems will be replaced with an electric heat pump, a new propane fired furnace, and a propane fired hot water service with a budget of $15,000.
  • The Board also endorsed that the Committee of Stewards proceed with contractor recommendations and quotations for renovation of the interior of the laundry room / bathroom.
  • Applications for a $5000 grant from the United Church of Canada, a grant of $5000 from the Waterloo Extension Council UP Fund and a loan from the UP Fund will be secured to meet the necessary funding for these capital expenses.

 The Official Board is focussed on maintaining and upgrading the church manse at this time so it will be energy efficient, have lower routine operating expenses, be less prone to major expenses due to mechanicals failing, and most importantly besuitable for our new minister.

 We, the Glen Morris United Church community are the stewards of the manse property for the greater church, and we have confidence in our role of doing God’s work in the world including here in The Glen.

 Robert Williams, Chair Official Board

Bill Labron, Chair Committee of Stewards