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To Members, Adherents and Visitors to Glen Morris United Church: 

I am writing this letter to advise you that there will be a Worship Service at Glen Morris United Church tomorrow, Sunday March 15 at 10.30am. This will be the covenanting service for Michiko Bown-Kai, which is a very special occasion for her, and also for our congregation. The Official Board is closely monitoring the COVID 19 situation and its impact on our church community. We are following the guidance of the United Church of Canada Outbreak Plan to ensure appropriate precautionary practices are in place. In particular the following changes have been implemented to decrease the risk of any COVID19 transmission:  

- There will be no coffee hour before nor after the Church Service.

- Please refrain from physical contacts including hand shakes, hugs etc. 

- Please sit apart from other members of the congregation wherever possible. 

- Do not touch one another during the "Passing of the Peace".

- Use alcohol gel sanitizer located in the Narthex. 

- If you are feeling unwell in any way, please stay at home.

- If you have travelled outside Canada, especially to designated high risk countries, follow government advisories for self-quarantine for two weeks upon return home. 

A special Official Board meeting is planned following our service to implement further measures to combat spread of the COVID19 epidemic. Members of the Congregation who are not members of the Board are very welcome to attend this (or any other Official Board) meeting as "observer guests". 

This is an important time to emphasize that we are community, and that we look out for each other in difficult times. As Christians we take comfort in the fact we dwell in the hollow of God's hands no matter what circumstances we face. 

Yours in faith 

Dr. Robert Williams 

Chair, Official Board