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I am writing this article to inform all members of the congregation that a revision to the GMUC Governance Document will be presented at the Annual Congregational Meeting on February 13, 2022.  This updated document (version 2/2022) is available for viewing by downloading the document at the bottom of this webpage. It was approved in two stages by the Official Board – on May 20, 2021 and January 6, 2022. There were numerous revisions included in this process, all of which were presented to every member of the Official Board. It is not possible to present all of these changes in this article, however I shall summarize the most significant revisions below. Should any member of the congregation wish to see the full list of revisions, please contact me by email at 

1. The Chair of congregational meetings will be elected annually at the Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) for a one year term. This is in keeping with the United Church of Canada Manual (2021) bylaws. The Official Board may submit a nominee for the position, however other nominations may be submitted at the ACM.

2. Church Member Categories have been changed to include a) Members, b) Full Members, c) Adherents, and d) members of the Order of Order of Ministry (excluding the incumbent minister or student candidate).

3. Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed not elected, in keeping with the United Church of Canada Manual (2021) bylaws. Trustees may be full members or adherents.

4. The Nomination Committee procedures have been simplified. Lists of Full Members and Adherents of the congregation will no longer be placed the Narthex in keeping with Privacy Legislation issues. Members and adherents may now volunteer for certain committee positions.

5. Changes are made to the UCW description, Benevolent Fund procedures, and adding the Media Communication Coordinator to the Official Board membership list.

6. Should the church appoint a “student candidate” as pastor, this arrangement is now covered in every event that “minister” is noted in the applicable section.

7. The church hierarchy page was revised in keeping with a recommendation from the February 2021 ACM.

Although further amendments to the document can be presented at the ACM, should you have any comments or recommendations about this revision, I would ask that you please contact me well before the Annual Congregational Meeting, so your input can be reviewed by the Executive / Governance Committee of the Official Board.


Dr. Robert Williams

Chair, Official Board