Dear Glen Morris United Church,  

After being away for a month, I am so delighted to say: Peace be with you!

I hope that your month of July was filled with sunshine, moments of joy, and opportunity for quality sabbath.  I am returning to my ministry after a month of beach visits to Grand Bend, gorgeous sunsets while competing in highland dancing in Regina, and family camping adventures near Ottawa.  

I know there will be plenty of opportunity through a covenanting service to say how honoured and delighted I am to answer a call to ministry at Glen Morris United Church but for now, let me at least say that I am so grateful for your support and enthusiasm. I am looking forward to calling Glen Morris my home and having the opportunity to continue getting to know all of you better.  


As some of us mark the passage of time by noticing the tiger lillies are fading as the Rose of Sharons begin to bloom, I know that some of you are counting days between doctor's appointments. May the peace of Christ be with us as a gentle beautiful blooming offering and as accompanier in times of trial, exhaustion, and uncertainty.  


As some of us let the pace of summer invite us into connection and adventure, I know that some of you continue to juggle all of the same responsibilities and demands (only in hotter weather). May the peace of Christ be with us in the moments we are building cherished memories and in our day to day routines.  


Yours in Christ, 

Rev Michiko