Dear Glen Morris United Church,  

Peace be with you!  

On June 21st, people across the country will be celebrating National Indigenous People’s Day but did you know that the Indigenous Day of Prayer has been observed for almost 50 years? You can read more about that history in this article. Born from the wisdom of Elders that prayer is an essential gift to ourselves and our communities, the Indigenous Day of Prayer is a meaningful way for the church to recognize what gifts it can offer the world and one particular way we are called to be part of the work for Indigenous Justice.  

If you want to learn more about ways to participate in National Indigenous People’s Day events click here.  

In honour of the Indigenous Day of Prayer, please join me in a prayer by the Rev. Maggie Dieter, former Executive Minister, Aboriginal Ministries and Indigenous Justice; and Bill Snow, Stoney Nakoda First Nation, Alberta, member of the Indigenous Justice and Residential School Committee

God, Creator and Great Mystery,

we praise you for the Sacred Fires that burn today and for the prayer-filled smoke that you receive and bless.

We offer our deep gratitude that the Fire’s light informs and guides our journey.

We pray, just as the Elders prayed, for renewal and for the restoration of beauty to the land and its people.

We acknowledge the diverse and abundant gifts of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.

We recognize that their knowledge and wisdom have benefited generations past and present, and that this blessing will continue for generations to come.

We remember the many who are committed to the healing of family, community, and nations.

We pray for Mother Earth, the waters, the winds, for our siblings the animals, birds, and fish, and all of life that surrounds us.

We pray that we will walk the good Red Road of life, and that we will walk with courage, honesty, humility, love, respect, truth and wisdom.

We offer this prayer in humility and hope, and in the name, of our brother Jesus, the one who lights our path to wholeness, justice and peace.



As we continue to walk the path towards reconciliation, may the Peace of Christ be with you,

As we pray for bright and beautiful futures for every child because every child matters, may the Peace of Christ be with you,

As you continue to care for the land you know and love deeply, may the Peace of Christ be with you,  


Yours in Christ,

Rev Michiko