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Dear Glen Morris United Church,  

Peace be with you! I hope that all of you are doing well and feeling recovered from any of the damage caused by the storm last Saturday. While I was fortunate and only lost power a few times quite briefly, I know that others had much more intense and frightening experiences.  

This Thursday evening, after the Official Board meeting wrapped up, we journeyed over to the manse to appreciate all of the hard work being done caring for the place. I felt equal delight in learning more about the history of Glen Morris United Church and seeing a small toad hopping among the bleeding hearts and forget-me-nots. There is much to be grateful for in this community of faith.  

Just as we were doing our best to touch base with loved ones throughout Ontario after the weekend storm, we also learned the devastating news of a school shooting in Ulvade, Texas. For so many, especially in the US, it is a compounding grief to hear yet again of another instance of gun violence impacting children in their schools.

As I prayed about how to respond to this news, I felt called into further stillness and listening. These days I am doing my best to honour the fact that it is not possible to live out your faith sustainably by moving through the world emergency to emergency. Our stillness, discernment, and resting are also vital ways we stay in connection with God.  

However, these does mean I want to leave you without insights and ideas to process the challenges we are currently facing. The folks at Church Anew have put together a series of thoughtful responses.  

I am also grateful for this video from fellow United Church clergy Rev Roberta responding to the need for thoughts, prayers, and action right now.     


As you tend and mend to God’s creation, may the Peace of Christ be with you

As you respond to the aching and brokenness of this world, may the Peace of Christ be with you

As we continue to build a safer world for the generations to come, may the Peace of Christ be with you,  


Yours in Christ,

Rev Michiko