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We are very pleased to notify you that in-person church services can restart next Sunday, November 21. Following our last report, the one staff member who was undergoing COVID-19 testing has provided a negative PCR test report, confirming she does not have COVID-19. The other staff member with confirmed COVID-19 remains in isolation with her family for two more days. She is making a good recovery, which is really wonderful news.

Please note that all components of the Glen Morris United Church (GMUC) COVID-19 Vaccination policy will be in effect when the church reopens. In summary, every person over the age of 12 entering the church building must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. They must provide proof of vaccination and proof of identity upon entering the building.

When the church reopens, the existing provincial step 3 guidelines will remain in place, namely:

- Passive COVID-19 symptom screening must be reviewed at church entrances;
- Attendees’ names and contact information must be recorded on a contact tracing list;
- Hand cleaning with alcohol gel (placed at both entrances) is encouraged;
- Masks must be worn at all times when indoors, apart from when eating or drinking (with limited exceptions);
- All public areas are cleaned and disinfected as frequently as is necessary to maintain sanitary conditions.

It remains the sole focus of the Reopening Committee that our church follow all COVID-19 Provincial, Brant County Health Unit, and GMUC guidelines to ensure the safety and good health of all during this pandemic.

Repectfully submitted,

GMUC Reopening Committee