Dear Glen Morris United Church, 

How are you? I want to share with you this video as a reminder that prayers are about the small yet important comforts in life, and struggling, and surviving, and all of our hopes for a new and better world:

I was struck reading one of the comments on this youtube video, that said, the moment when a stranger made a point to ask “are you okay?” was what brought them to tears. Are you on that verge of breaking down too? I want you to trust me that you can take that moment you need to breathe or cry. Staying in touch with our humanity, our moments of powerlessness and vulnerability, help us stay connected to all of humanity. If you’re feeling healthy, happy, and grounded then perhaps this is your opportunity to create space for a loved one to put aside their ‘brave face’ for a moment. I know it can be hard sometimes to talk about how much we’re struggling. Perhaps you can even share this newsletter as a way of starting a conversation! 

As we begin our Advent journey of long nights awaiting the coming of Christ, may there be peace in your hearts, homes, and communities. 

Peace be with you! 


Worship Update:

Please note, you can find the latest information about worship in the Events section of the website. 



Communion Online:

As we are celebrating communion online this week, I thought some of you may be interested in this article by professor Rob Fennel from the Atlantic School of Theology which explores some of the theological ideas being shared about the limits and possibilities of worship online.

An Advent Message for Moderator Richard Bott


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Yours in Christ, 

Rev Michiko