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Dear Glen Morris United Church,  

How are you? I know this has been a time where many of us (not just myself) have been dealing with the impact of another wave of COVID and I hope you are all keeping as safe and healthy as possible.

This upcoming Sunday we are going to be having a very special worship service - honouring Remembrance Day and a covenant between the church and myself, as your new minister!  

I have jokingly been explaining to friends and family that a covenanting service is like a wedding where I get married to a church. I will most likely be wearing my (usual) white robe this Sunday but of course what makes a Covenanting Service so exciting is the fact that it’s an opportunity for all of us to come before God and make our intentions known for this new relationship we are creating as a community of faith.  

Here are my promises to you:

-to appreciate the beauty and opportunity of ministry in Glen Morris

-to choose loving honesty over brutal honesty always

-to make room for joy often

-to make the pursuit of God’s justice our collective calling that unites us (even when the conversations are challenging)

-to stay open to new promises and new ideas as we learn and grow together


As we take time to grieve the cost of war and dream of a better world, may the Peace of Christ be with you,

As we continue in ministry together, may the Peace of Christ be with you,  


Yours in Christ,

Rev Michiko