Karen Murray-Hopf
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This report is to advise the congregation that LifeWorks / Green Shield notified Brenda Totten, Chair of Ministry & Personnel Committee, earlier this month that Meghan Gilholm’s Restorative Care medical leave was extended to August 30, 2021. Under these circumstances, the Faith Formation Committee was authorized by the Ministry & Personnel Committee to make arrangements for interim ministry for the month of September in advance of receiving an updated “return to work” date for next month.

We would remind you that the nature of Meghan’s medical condition is strictly confidential. Only Meghan, her doctor, and LifeWorks / Green Shield know her diagnosis. When we receive an update for her possible return to work, we will notify you accordingly.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Totten

Chair of Ministry & Personnel Committee


Robert Williams

Chair of Official Board