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We are writing this letter to inform you that our Ministry and Personnel Committee has received notification from Meghan Gilholm's insurance provider Lifeworks, that she has been given the green light for a gradual and modified return to work commencing October 4th. Her modified schedule includes working the equivalent of two days a week from October 4 to 17; three days for the week starting October 18, then 4 days for the week starting October 25. Her first full Sunday Service will be on October 31.  Lifeworks is expecting she will return to full time work hours on November 1. On behalf of the entire congregation, we are looking forward to working with her to ensure the success of this return to work program.  We ask for your continued patience and support of Meghan as she transitions back into her role as our minister.

Yours in faith 

Brenda Totten, Chair of M+P Committee

Robert Williams, Chair of Official Board