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The Reopening Committee has decided that in light of the emergence of the Omicron variant, with its high rate of transmission and surging infection rates in the province, the church will close for in-person services and all other gatherings effective immediately. This decision was made after thorough consideration of the risks posed by Covid-19 under these new and worrisome circumstances. It is also apparent that those most vulnerable to Covid-19 infections are in the majority in our congregation. The overriding aim of closing the church buildingis to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Fortunately, the church has upgraded our audio-visual capacity and is able to provide quality Zoom coverage for services. The Zoom link for each Sunday's service will be published in the weekly edition of the “Passing the Peace” newsletter. There will be a Zoom “coffee time” from 10:00am, followed by the service at 10:30am.

Our committee will continue to meet regularly to reassess the status of the church closure, and any other pandemic related matters.

Dr. Robert Williams,

Chair, Reopening Committee and Official Board