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Glen Morris United Church offers discounted subscriptions to the United Church's award winning Broadview Magazine (formerly the Observer) for $25/year. Subscription renewal or sign up for new subscribers is due by the end of August. John Graham is  the church contact for subscriptions and you can contact him at 

Broadview shares who they are: 

"Broadview is an independent Canadian magazine featuring award-winning coverage of spirituality, justice and ethical living. Through our compelling stories and engaging images, Broadview challenges and inspires readers seeking to live a purpose-filled life.

Our spirituality reporting features Christian perspectives on belief and faith, as well as points of view from other religions and philosophies.

We cover social justice from local, national and global contexts, drawing attention to contemporary issues and our response as people of faith and as caring citizens.

Our ethical living stories offer inspiration and ideas on how we can all make a positive difference with our lives.

With Broadview, Editor and Publisher Jocelyn Bell aims to create an inclusive magazine and digital platforms for thoughtful readers interested in exploring and living out progressive Christianity’s core values. “We understand that this means being both introspective and outward-looking,” she says. “We are required to examine our beliefs and values, and to live and act accordingly. We are called to engage deeply with the justice issues of our day — and to believe that hope lies in caring profoundly for one another and for our planet.”