Karen Murray-Hopf
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Our donation total for 2021 is $ $1,187.88! Can we beat last year’s total of $1764.93?  I think we can!  Check with your friends. Maybe we can get others on board. It's so easy to do - simply purchase gift cards in place of using cash or debit/credit cards for daily needs and we get the profit from those sales - can't get much easier!

Margaret Fleury places an order on the (usually) first Sunday of each month and cards are available later that week. 

Each retailer provides a percentage of a return to us and their are monthly 'specials' which provide a greater return.

Join in our fundraising to support our church and 'Phase 3' renovations (a vestibule, office and renovated Fellowship Room). It's called FundScrip and it's so easy! All you need to do is sign up!

Select gift cards from 230 retailers to pay for your everyday purchases of food, gas, and household items.  Every time you use a gift card, a percentage is donated back to our church!

Order forms are attached below to print out, as well as available at church.  Share with family and friends.  Return your orders to Margaret Fleury by the first Sunday of each month.  Include a cheque payable to the Glen Morris United Church.  Your cards will be available at the church for pickup the following Sunday. 

Gift cards may be used at any time and do not expire.

How perfect is that?!

Questions? Contact Margaret Fleury at mfleury58@gmail.com