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Dear Glen Morris United Church, 

It has been wonderful to journey with you through Lent this year while exploring the theme of being “full to the brim.” It’s not always easy to name and celebrate abundance in our lives. This Lent has taught me the importance of turning to God to find abundance in unexpected places. When we read scripture with faith that God’s love is always with us, we find abundance: 

  • abundant grace in a father’s embrace even after mistakes have been made
  • abundant hope and potential in a fig tree even when it fails to bear fruit
  • abundant love even in our heartbreak and struggle as “Mother Hens”

As counterintuitive as it might be, it seems as though abundance can be found in our willingness to lean into the places of loss, fear, and abandonment. That abundance is not found in a ‘perfect life’ (whatever that means) but through our courage, vulnerability, and honest humility. This week we celebrate that new life can be found through a crucifixion. So invite you, this Holy Week, not to rush past Jesus’ last hours. Let us be willing to be with Jesus on the cross before turning our focus to Easter Sunday. 

May the Peace of Christ be with you as we offer our Hallelujahs to God this Easter, 

And may there be abundant grace, joy, and beauty in your life. 


Yours in Christ, 

Rev Michiko