Dear Glen Morris United Church,  

Each time I have stopped by the manse this week to drop off a houseplant or “awkward to pack” item I have found myself feeling a sense of disbelief that on Monday I get to call this beautiful manse and the Glen Morris community home.

I haven’t even moved in yet and already I’ve been blessed with a newer and deeper understanding of what it means to “love thy neighbour.” Thank you all for nurturing my faith and for all of your offers of furniture, country living wisdom, and moving help. I look forward to being one of the neighbours you can count on for a cup of sugar or sprig of basil when in need!  

To all of you also experiencing times of transition, upheaval, and change right now, may the peace of Christ be with you. 

To all of you finding ways to weave the web of community through acts of hospitality and kindness, may the peace of Christ be with you

To you, beloved reader, for taking this time in your day and sharing it with me, thank you and may the peace of Christ be with you,  


Your neighbour in Christ, 

Rev Michiko