Michiko Bown-Kai

Dear Glen Morris United Church, 

Peace be with you! This week I write to you with a collection of videos that capture a variety of moods we may be experiencing during this pandemic Christmas. This week’s newsletter also includes A Silent Night, a live nativity presented by Ayr Ministerial. Be sure to take a look and see some familiar faces! 

Wishing you warmth and joy as this week we arrive at Christmas!


A Silent Night, A live nativity presented by Ayr Ministerial


Oh Light (feat. Gungor & All Sons and Daughters)


O Holy Night - Celtic Worship

Is it possible for there to be too many versions of this beautiful hymn? I think not!


My Little Country Church - Matt Andersen and The Men of the Deep

Thank you Jenna for sharing this video with me- I know that many of you in the Glen will relate to this beautiful song about the magic of celebrating Christmas Eve in a little country church.



Broadview Article: A Christmas without Popo seems impossible. But she’s fading away. As dementia clouds my grandmother's mind, I hold on to every precious moment I have with her.

I’m grateful for the word of friend Jenna Tenn-Yuk who shares about the loss and blessing of caring for her grandma.


A Christmas Prayer

By Sarah Are, Sanctified Art

This year, we dreamed of world peace.

We dreamed of deep breaths and restful sleep.

We dreamed of love that lasts and suffering that passes.

We dreamed of doors open wide and a cure to disease.

We dreamed, because to dream is to believe.

For to dream is to hope; to dream is to see.

So make room in your being to dream yet again,

Of a world without fear, and a God that draws near.

For it is almost Christmas.

Love is almost here.

May we dream to see, and hope to believe.



Yours in Christ,

Rev Michiko