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Canada Day 2022 is past, and many of us are feeling a kind of normalcy as we return to vacationing and visiting, picnics and reunions, some of us unmasked and some still doing so. But certainly a sense of hope has returned to our lives in regard to the pandemic. We're not out of the woods and things can change quickly, we know all too well. But we will enjoy the sunshine and the water and the outdoors and each other and continue to hope for good things to come.

And as we move through this first month of summer, we share our Passing the Peace newsletter providing you with the information you need to gather with us in worship. Each Sunday, be it from your vacation home, on the road, or at home, we look forward to having you with us as we continue on zoom weekly. And of course we now worship in person!  Information on links, and worship outlines can be found at the service listing below and anytime on our website.

Rev. Michiko is on vacation for the month of July - and Highland 'dancing up a storm! We wish them luck at their competitions and I hope that some of you get a chance to see Michiko in action at the Cambridge Scottish Festival July 15 & 16! A note of advisory - if you receive a suspicious email which appears to be from Michiko, their email may have been hacked so please do not reply to it. 

In closing, enjoy this simple prayer by David Johnson titled 'Revel in Summer':

Dear God,
Let us revel in summer.
Let us soak up the long days and warm sun.
May our feet walk on sandy beaches and our heads rest on thick grass under blue skies.
May we listen to and marvel at the singing of the birds and stop to watch blissful children at play
This summer, God, may our breathing slow and our hearts open. 
God help us to be present to all that is so that we might best see all that might be.


Photo of field in Glen Morris: Brian Duggan, Near & Far Imaging


Karen Murray-Hopf

Media/Communications Chair