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Peace be with you Glen Morris United Church! 

Spring has sprung! In the past week alone I have watched plants grow noticeably overnight, trees leafing out with and creating such a peaceful sound as the wind moves through them, and so many other delights. 

I wanted to give you an update on our Easter wildflowers since just this past week we celebrated Pentecost, marking the end of the Easter season. You may remember that on Easter Sunday (which came particularly early this year), we planted pieces of paper infused with wildflower seeds. With our sources of hope and loved written on these small pieces of paper, we infused them with water from the baptismal font and placed them in the darkness of the earth. 

I came home from Easter Sunday’s worship filled with hope, the sound of glorious music still ringing in my ears - so excited to see these beautiful flowers come to life. 

And then, I waited. Nothing happened. So I waited some more. I had assumed that wildflowers grew easily and with abundance and that it would be only a short matter of time before I would be returning to church with a planter filled with colour and beauty. It can be hard when change or growth doesn’t happen on our assumed timeline. 

Sometimes the seeds we plant take longer to grow than we expect. If you’re currently in a season of waiting, it can be easy for doubt to set in. I hope these tiny flowers budding out into the world, still needing care in order to continue growing, will remind you that all is possible with God. May we continue to tend to one another and bring about a flourishing faith. Until then, we live in hope. 


Yours in Christ, 

Rev Michiko 


PS. This Sunday we will be celebrating the sanctuary that nature provides for us by gathering around a campfire before breaking bread together. For many of us, summer camp was a way for us to experience the joy of nature while in community and so we are going to be tapping into that energy while we gather. This is a little invitation for you to brush up on the lyrics of your favourite camp song if you’d like to share or teach us!