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I suspect, as Christians, we all consider ourselves to be kind. Kindness is to have good intentions, warmth, compassion and love for someone. An act of kindness can fill our hearts with joy and yet in our busy schedules, we sometimes miss out taking time for a fulfilling and satisfying gesture for a friend, family member, loved one or a stranger. 

World Kindness Day, a global day to promote the importance of being kind to each other, yourself and to the world is celebrated worldwide on November 13. Its purpose is to reinforce that it is compassion that links us all together and has immense power of bridging the gap between nations.

The history of  World Kindness Day dates back to 1997 when World Kindness Movement hosted the first conference in Tokyo, Japan to bring together like-minded organizations from across the world. It is observed in many countries like Canada, Australia, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. It was in 1998, that the day became an annual observance. The kindness movement started gaining acceptance across the globe with each passing year. In 2005, the UK kindness movement began while in 2009 Singapore too joined the initiative. From UK (2010), Australia (2012), France (2015), USA (2018), by 2019 the World Kindness Movement had reached 27 countries.

Acts of kindness don't have to be big things. Even the simplest gestures can make an enormous difference to someone - to the giver as well as who it was given to. Research shows it makes us all happier and healthier. So get out there and be kind  - not just on November 13th, but everday.

Enjoy this video entitled One Day - A Kindness Boomerang

Karen Murray-Hopf

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