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Dear Beloved Passing the Peace Readers,  

This past week, as I dealt with my first experience of COVID, I was reminded about the way it felt when we were all first learning about this new mysterious virus. There was so much uncertainty and fear. We worried about running out of toilet paper. We worried about how sick (or worse) COVID could make us. It was as if the world as we knew it ended.  

Well, as I spent several long days napping, taking Tylenol, and tracking my temperature I also ran out of toilet paper. The apocalyptic fears of 2019 had all been realized. Thankfully, I had neighbours who were able to bring over a few extra rolls (thank you Karen and Les for the contactless porch delivery!).  

This was the lesson that having COVID taught me - that at the “end of the world” when things go wrong, we can and we will still be there for each other.  Our futures will be filled with uncertainty and I know it’s easy to look at the news and wonder about the state of the world or the state of humanity but that’s why church is so important. God calls us together into one human family, ready to face together whatever challenges may come our way. This week, I look forward to worshipping with you again as we take time to honour the saints and ancestors who have gone before us.  

Thank you so so very much to each one of you who offered me care and support over the past week while I was on the mend.  


Friends, peace be with you.  


Yours in Christ, 

Rev Michiko 


PS Did any of you catch one of the many gorgeous sunrises we had in the Glen this week? Talk about God’s wondrous world!