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We are delighted to be able to report that Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council held a meeting on July 19 and approved the Call for Reverend Michiko Bown-Kai to be appointed full time minister to Glen Morris United Church commencing September 28. This is a truly wonderful occasion in the life of our church. At our special congregational meeting held on Tuesday, June 28, the Search Committee made the recommendation that Reverend Michiko be nominated to the vacant position and then those in attendance voted unanimously in favour.  Upon hearing the announcement that Reverend  Michiko was the successful candidate, our congregation spontaneously applauded to embrace them as our new full time minister. 

We must note that the date Reverend Michiko commences their new position has been postponed from September 1 to September 28, since the terms of their contract with St. Luke’s United Church required ninety days notice.

Every step in this process has been uneventful, for which we must thank all those who worked so hard to bring us to this moment. The process has been rewarding, enlightening and educational for all involved. We especially extend our thanks to the members of the Search Committee - Bill Labron, Leanne Ziler, Jen Westbrook, Bill Coppes, Jayne Miller, Janice Little, John Morton, Charlotte Taylor, and our consultants at Regional Council - Reverend Cheryl-Anne Stadelbauer-Sampa and Reverend Diane Blanchard. 

We would like to take this occasion to tell Michiko how honoured we all feel that they have chosen to become our full-time minister, and we truly look forward to sharing their ministry amongst us. Occasions like this strengthen our faith that God is guiding and directing our church here in The Glen.

Bill Labron, Co-Chair Search Committee

Leanne Ziler, Co-Chair Search Committee

Robert Williams, Chair Official Board