Dear beloved readers of this Passing the Peace Newsletter, 

Peace be with you! What an absolute joy it was to welcome so many of you to the Robson Community Room for the most delicious pancake dinner on Tuesday! I enjoyed your company as much as I enjoyed the pancakes (which was a lot!). Thank you for supporting our first Pancake Supper in a number of years. I’m looking forward to more ways this church can be a place for Glen Morris to gather and build community. 

As much as I feel the joy of a sunshiny Friday, I also have on my mind today that today’s date is the one year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of The Ukraine. I hope we may not become numb to the challenges of the world when they start to feel so long standing. More than ever, I wonder what spiritual practices we might lean into to keep us grounded & present to the needs of the people of Ukraine in ways that are sustainable as this conflict continues. Let us all continue to pray for peace in Ukraine, and all places facing the horrors of war. 

In the cold winds and on rainy days, may you feel the Peace of Christ warm in your heart. 

In all the ordinary miracles we are blessed to witness each day, may you feel the Peace of Christ tugging on your sleeve, inviting you to pay attention. 


Yours in Christ, 

Rev Michiko