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Dear Glen Morris Community, 

Whenever people ask me about where I live, I very happily reply to them that it’s a little slice of paradise in Southwestern-Ontario. In the summertime as friends living in Toronto shared with me how concerned they were about smog and poor air quality, it made me realize how truly fortunate we are to live somewhere you can see the stars at night and enjoy fresh country air (although we also had our share of bad air quality days this summer too). 

This past week there have been an overwhelming amount of images in the news of mass floodings all over the world. It can be so hard to see these images, see the need, know something has to be done, and yet feel helpless with the enormity of the challenge. For years we talked about “global warming” - a term that made it seem like we’d have a bit more sunshine to enjoy rather than the complete disruption of life with intensified storms, ecosystems upended, and more severe weather of all temperatures. You’re allowed to be angry that large companies worked hard to create doubt and misinformation about the climate crisis. It’s healthy to take time to pay attention to the fear we feel as we imagine an uncertain future for us and those who will inherit the earth. And, I’d like to remind you that joining others to cultivate hope and make change happen is one of the most powerful antidotes to despair. 

I’m glad this week we are all invited to gather by the river to worship - a chance for us to reflect on how the beauty of Creation offers its own form of sanctuary and to feel the earth underneath our feet as we pray for all the ways we and our global community are being impacted by climate change. 

In the midst of flood zones, may the Peace of Christ be made known in acts of solidarity and care. 

In our homes and our hearts, may the Peace of Christ call us to defend and protect Creation. 

May the peace of Christ be with you, 


Yours in Christ, 

Rev Michiko